American Revolutionary leader

a nationalist leader in the American Revolution and in the creation of the United States
Hypernyms: ↑nationalist leader
Instance Hyponyms:
Adams, ↑Sam Adams, ↑Samuel Adams, ↑Dawes, ↑William Dawes, ↑Franklin, ↑Benjamin Franklin, ↑Hale, ↑Nathan Hale, ↑Hancock, ↑John Hancock, ↑Henry, ↑Patrick Henry, ↑Hopkinson, ↑Francis Hopkinson, ↑Huntington, ↑Samuel Huntington, ↑Laurens, ↑Henry Laurens, ↑Lee, ↑Richard Henry Lee, ↑Livingston, ↑Robert R. Livingston, ↑Mason, ↑George Mason, ↑Morris, ↑Robert Morris, ↑Paine, ↑Tom Paine, ↑Thomas Paine, ↑Robert Treat Paine, ↑Paterson, ↑William Patterson, ↑Quincy, ↑Josiah Quincy, ↑Revere, ↑Paul Revere, ↑Rush, ↑Benjamin Rush, ↑Salomon, ↑Haym Salomon, ↑Sherman, ↑Roger Sherman, ↑Steuben, ↑Baron Friedrich Wilhelm Ludolf Gerhard Augustin von Steuben, ↑Trumbull, ↑Jonathan Trumbull, ↑Wilson, ↑James Wilson, ↑Witherspoon, ↑John Witherspoon

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